No more cry babies in the front office!


Is anyone in your office acting like a baby right now? Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean but I know it happens and I know why – They are tired. You can’t offer them days off but you can provide some inner office fun.  

First, don’t call anyone a baby, instead lighten the mood and create some front office bonding with a “Baby Pictures” contest. 

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• Select your captain of this project and have them collect everyone’s baby picture. (Allow for a week for the collecting to be complete because some people will have to reach out to their parents.)

• Next, find a spot in the office to hang the photos and number each photo.

• Download the Voting Document and the Reveal Document from this post to gather everyone’s guesses.

• You could offer two prizes, one to the person who guessed the highest number of matches. And the second prize could be for the baby picture that stumped the most staffers.

Don't forget to have fun and hopefully everyone gets silly and behaves like 12 year olds. But hey, that’s better than acting like babies! Seriously, little things like this are enjoyable and further bond your front office as a family.

Let me tell you that when we did this in Reading my picture had the office stumped. I was a chubby (over 9 lbs) baby with a full head of black hair. After the Babies were revealed there was a ton of conversation and even debate about my picture and the banter revived us.

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