Looking for ways to generate revenue during the off season?


Tis’ the season. You are selling tickets, F&B, merchandise, and the money is rolling it. BUT…. How do you keep it up? How can you make money when the season is over? You can’t escape this question. 

Here’s an idea where you can provide entertainment, team building and become a part of a growing trend? You usually sell tickets and captivate your fans but what I’m suggesting is you take your fans captive…….what? BUILD AN E$CAPE ROOM and make money in the offseason!!!

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Are you good at selling tickets to 10 or more people?

Do you have climate controlled areas like clubhouses, suites, etc?

Do you have a customer base that loves you and your ballpark?

Is your community left looking for things to do when the season ends?

Admission usually ranges from $20 to $30 per person for a one hour game and typically allow 10-12 players at a time. For you the cost would be payroll and the one time expense of a game and props. I’m sure that somewhere in every ballpark you already have the perfect space, just don’t know it. The nice thing in my opinion is you don’t have a time restriction based on a specific holiday season. The focus is usually haunted house in October and/or Christmas in December. With an escape room you can open in late September and go through most of the offseason using weekends and the additional time during the holidays when families are off and looking for things to do.

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 So, I fell in love with this idea. Why? Well, you try a lot of things in the offseason and many of them seem to be more time and effort than they are worth to you financially. Plus, if you are using your outdoor space, unless you are in Florida or Southern California, weather is affecting you. 

So, I did some research and found a company called N.E.R.D. (New Escape Room Designs, Inc.). Andrew is willing to create a custom baseball puzzle. This allows you to differentiate yourselves from other escape rooms and capitalize on the space and props you already have at the ballpark. This escape room doesn’t require technology so it’s low cost (no cost once you go find a sponsors of course). Download the N.E.R.D. Proposal

If your ballpark tries an escape room at the end of your puzzle don’t forget to have everyone pose, especially using some of the team oriented props. This staged moment is a must. Instagram reports that there's been a 13% increase globally in posts with #escaperoom and #weescaped hashtags this year, compared with last year.