Your team might pay commission but there’s no reason they can’t work together and communication is key. The overall message is if the team makes more money everyone is more successful. 

In sales, it all comes down to numbers. The first number we want to bring up is 2019. You have all flipped the calendar and it’s 2019!!! You have been talking about the 2019 season and it’s here. There’s no time to waste. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. If you haven’t already it’s time to give deadlines to your renewals and prospects and find out who is really serious about the inventory that you have been holding for them. 

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There are truly businesses that can’t sign a contract until the new year when budgets are officially approved. It’s also a nice way for businesses to hold off on making a decision. Sit down as an office, take a look at the inventory that is “On hold” and establish firm deadlines.  Now go call everyone without a signed contract. These calls need to be made asap!!! Afterward the calls are made you need to discuss your new reality. Ask your sales staff to come back with the percentage chance that the inventory is sold. For any piece of inventory that is listed as 50% or lower it’s time to start presenting to other clients and prospects. Be honest. Tell them that it looks like a great piece of inventory might be coming available. What is the worst thing that can happen? Do you create interest and then not have the inventory??? Can you not recreate similar inventory now that you understand their needs and interests? If this happens and you struggle call me and we’ll brainstorm together. 

Now, the person who has a connection to the potential sale might be hesitant about this. They have put a lot of work into this sale. Remind them you value the hard work and understand that sometimes yes’s turn into no’s based on things that are out of your control. Team work and communication can help you anticipate the no and help everyone make more money.


Talk percentages, have open discussions about the conversations had with clients and find your actual availability.  Transparency is key! That same person can pitch the inventory to someone new or pitch something someone else was holding. Held inventory wasn’t ever a signed a contract. It was potential.


Talking and Transparency. It’s not bad to say, "I don’t think my client is going to renew their sign". Is the company about to get bought out OR didn’t they see results? What did they actually say to you? I didn't hear a NO to advertising. Are they saying not now or not that piece of inventory? Watch for the buy out and reach back out later. Didn’t they see results; open up the sign and find a new piece of inventory that can deliver their desired results. Do they want to get involved in a night and gather contacts?

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