You have a sales tool that most businesses don’t, professional athletes.


You have a sales tool that most businesses don’t, professional athletes. There’s a locker room filled with hockey players but not for long. During the season you can easily grab a player for a sound bite, quick video clip or ask them to sign an item for a client. If you do your planning right you can use the access you have now to prepare for the upcoming offseason. 

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Once you create your list of what you’d like to do, think about what you are going to offer them. A few extra bucks won’t hurt as they prepare for the offseason and by now you know which players are willing to sign autographs and who is comfortable speaking in front of a camera. 

Here are a few ideas:


Incentivize your season ticket holders with an autograph.  First ___ fans to renew their season tickets for the 2019/2020 season receive an autographed puck.  This will cost you the price of pucks as well as whatever you pay the players but will save you the time of reaching out to these people in the offseason freeing your salespeople up to prospect and call new people. 


Ask the players to sign leftover giveaways to prepare for the raffles and auctions you do as part of your annual banquet, community events as well as special donation requests for top clients you don’t want to say no to. The players might already have items that they know they will be discarding at the end of the season. If they know it will benefit charity perhaps they’ll add their signature to their old skates or a broken stick and who doesn’t love an autographed jockstrap…just kidding.


Do you remember the last time you bought something and someone reached out to simply say thank you? I don’t. Record a player saying thank you for a great season or specifically thank you for being a season ticket holder or a group leader. Use the recording and send out an Automated call or as part of an email. Obviously, this will be followed up shortly after with a sales pitch for next season.



You might not execute your school program until closer to next season but typically hearing a message from a player will get the kids talking about you and your games more than hearing from your staff. Perhaps you record them asking, “Is your school signed up for the YOUR TEAM NAME education program? Don’t let your students miss out!”


I hope you are already sending your kids club members emails to celebrate their birthdays. How cool would it be for that message to come from a player? My kids would love to receive a video greeting from a player wishing them a great day. They would feel so cool.  Honestly my kids would talk about the email until I couldn’t stand hearing it anymore. Great for the team!

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