You don’t just sell tickets you create Fans. Your job is to make sure that after a fan attends a game that they can’t stop thinking about their experience. Creating amazing moments, creating passionate, life-long fans is the surefire way to increase sales and profits. 


The best way to create passionate fans is to have a passionate staff. The journey to finding those passionate staffers begins with the interview. It’s the first step towards helping you find the right personalities for your club.  

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How do you find good people with the right personality? In my opinion, the best way is to find great people is to always be on the hunt. Keep your eyes open because the right people might be right under your nose. Has someone created a great moment for you at another business? Can you steal them away?


We all understand the importance of making memories for your fans. We do that by over-delivering on someone’s expectations. This thinking is just as important for your new employees. Setting the tone for new employees is like a handshake, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. These are the people that are going to be responsible for creating fans and cultivating relationships with your current fan base and sponsors.  It’s incredibly important to set the right tone.


Think about a typical first day for a new employee. The new person arrives at your ballpark, they probably ask for the person who interviewed them because that’s likely the only name that they know, they stand by the front door waiting until they are shown to their desk.  They’re given quick instructions on turning on the computer, using the telephone, and then that person often gets whisked away to do something else. Your new staffer might have the right personality, they might have a self-starter go-get-em attitude, and they might be a passionate sports fan, but is that really the best way to kickstart their career?

Would you ever approach a first date this way?  You ask a girl out. You meet her at a restaurant, greet her quickly then tell her you need to jump on a call and that you’ll check back in an hour. You leave her there to sit by herself wondering what she got herself into. Spoiler-alert, you aren’t getting a kiss at the end of that date. When you treat employees this way you aren’t going to get as much out of them either.  

You put a lot of time interviewing and selecting the right candidate. So don’t just train them on a job, get them excited about this great opportunity and they will be an integral part of your team for years to come. Spend the time now doing all the right things rather than the time (and money) later finding and training their replacement. Turnover costs you money!


Here are 5 ideas that you can do to turn an uneventful first day into something special that can set the tone for their career with your club:

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Change your digital signage outside of the ballpark to welcome the brand-new member of your team. If you don’t have a digital sign, hang a paper one.  

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Have the full staff greet the new employee when they arrive. They should welcome them, introduce themselves and gradually let them know what they do for the team.  

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Your owner and/or GM (a Boss) should invite them to lunch.  Get to know your employee and allow them to get to know more about you.  What is your franchise history, what is the culture like amongst the staff, what is some first day advice? 

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Give them gear. Yes, give them free gifts!  I am not talking about the collared game shirts. Go above and beyond. Make an impression. If they weren’t already a fan, now they are and tomorrow they’ll start making more fans.  

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Take their photo to capture their image and the moment. You need this for your website anyways. Push this picture out via social media and invite fans to come and meet the new member of your family. If possible, include details about your new hire. This will help bond them to your fans and feel welcomed.

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