Marketing to your fans doesn't end when their ticket is torn at the front gate. That's the time to double-down!


Do you have fantastic areas around your ballpark that miss out on some of the entertainment that is positioned in front of your main grandstand? Get those fans involved in some special in game antics. You can also make the time pass quickly for fans waiting in a concession line.

Prizes?....of course. This is an opportunity to give a free ticket to a game you need to promote, get rid of leftover giveaways or less than popular merchandise that might otherwise never leave your storage areas.

Push your promotions using fun and free stuff. It works!

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• Frozen T-shirt: Lightly dampen then freeze t-shirts and watch as 2 fans compete against each other to get theirs unwrapped and worn the fastest.

• Bottle flip: Water isn’t the most exciting beverage BUT it’s fun and kind of addictive to flip a water bottle and see who sticks the landing first.

• Staring/Don’t laugh contest: This is so weird but fun and they come to the ballpark expecting fun. Simply pick a fan, set your phone timer and then try to make them laugh. Trying to make someone laugh is an interesting way to interact. Whether they laugh or not, you can say "You think that was fun?... well wait until you hear about “insert promo info here”.

• Floss competition. Not teeth, the dance. Bests Flosser wins.

• Rock, Paper, Scissors - Best 2 out of 3

• Good-old trivia: Are you doing Christmas in July? Do trivia revolving Christmas. Do you have a bobblehead coming up? Use stats and information on the player/character depicted on the bobblehead.  

You have captivated your fans now use the next few moments to convince them to come to another game. At the end of the fun hand out a flier, and maybe one free ticket as the prize. Maybe the flier has an offer good only during that game. This is a great time to sign people up for a newsletter or free fan club. 

I also believe that costumes are a great addition. Wear an elf costume if you are focusing on a Christmas promo, get a tux to promote Renew Your Vows, or create a new jester like character that executes this ballpark entertainment. You're successful not only if you sell additional tickets to the games you promote but if the fans you are with have so much fun that other people are noticing and want a part of the action.