Mid-Season is time to prep for the best off season ever!


Welcome to the 2nd half of 2017. Not only are you half way through '17 but you are mid-season and enjoying crowds which makes now a great time to set yourself up for an amazing sales season.

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Invite clients to come see their sign, on-field promotion, etc. Leave tickets for them to come enjoy a game with their family (yes, even if they have company season tickets- no need to cut into those). Get a picture of them at the ballpark. This will be great to bring to them when you meet in the offseason

Tours: The group areas in your ballpark are filled and you probably have people in the stands gazing at them wondering what is included, price and availability. You can very easily offer quick tours of the areas, distribute information and start a waiting list for next season. The faces of your fans enjoying the areas will do the selling for you.

Renewals: Season tickets, group outings, corporate sponsorships. Try renewing them now perhaps by offering the same pricing? It would be great to start the offseason with renewals underway.

Prospects: Reach out to everyone that you had a meeting with but were unable to sell to in the offseason. Invite them to come out and enjoy the atmosphere that they were considering associating their company with. Greet them, offer them a tour, chat as much or as little as they are interested in.

Proof of Performance: Take inventory of the photos that you have taken throughout the season so far. Label the photos and create folders. You still have plenty of time to get amazing player action in front of billboards, capture each between inning contest, etc.


SURVEY YOUR FANS: Receive fresh feedback and have the opportunity to make immediate adjustments. You could email these to your newsletter and/or make them physically available at the ballpark. Simple questions with the opportunity to provide notes and explanation will deliver you the best feedback.

SURVEY YOUR STAFF: One of the easiest ways to increase employee engagement is by soliciting feedback to know how they're feeling. By giving your staff the opportunity to respond anonymously, you can increase the chances that the feedback you receive is honest, helpful, and productive. Survey monkey will allow up to 10 questions to up to 100 people for free and gives you the opportunity to ask questions anonymously.


Ask fans to answer each question on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. In addition, ask them to please elaborate...

• How would you rate the team’s game entertainment (ie: on-field contests and videoboard entertainment? 

• How would you rate the quality and variety of the food choices at the ballpark?

• How would you rate the affordability of the ballpark food?

• How would you rate the Giveaways/Promotions for the 2017 season?

• How would you rate the stadium cleanliness? 

• How would you rate the game staff (ticket takers, ushers, customer service representatives)?

• In reference to accessibility, how would you rate the front office staff at the ballpark?

• How would you rate the seating/ ticket options at the ballpark?

• How would you rate the convenience and availability of stadium parking?

• How would you rate overall affordability?


Ask staff to answer each question.

• Do you know what you need to do to help the team meet its goals and objectives?

(Why Ask This: To succeed in their job, employees need to understand how they fit within the rest of the organization.) 

• Do you feel we have a positive work culture?

(Why Ask This: Your employees spend so many hours at work. Find out if they think your team’s culture is worth waking up every day for.)

• Do you have fun at work? OR On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you at work?

• Do you feel like coworkers give each other respect?

(Why Ask This: You want to build a culture where people respect one another. If they’re not supporting one another, it’s time to start doing team-building activities.)

• Would you refer someone to work here?

(Why Ask This: A lot of emphasis is placed on sales referrals so it’s understandable why this would be a big indicator of your employees' happiness.) 

• Do you have a clear understanding of your career or promotion path?

• On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your work / home balance?

(Why Ask This: Employees need balance in order to be productive and engaged. This answer can help signal whether burnout is right around the corner.)

• Do you feel valued you at work?

• Do you believe you will be able to reach your full potential?

(Why Ask This: Employees want to work at a place that will nurture their desire for growth. The more opportunities for growth your organization can offer, the longer employees will stick around.)

• Do you foresee yourself working here one year from now?

PRO TIP: If you are interested in doing an anonymous survey for your employees utilizing “Survey Monkey” remember to turn on Anonymous Responses before sending your survey. If you collect responses before turning it on, info from your employees who already took the survey will be in your results. If you’re using multiple collectors, you need to turn on Anonymous Responses in each collector.


I'd love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas. 

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