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The season is right around the corner. By now you've reached out to find out how many of your game staff employees are returning for another year. Even if you don't have a lot of openings you still might want to consider hosting a job fair. A job fair is an opportunity to find great people and create chatter for the upcoming season.

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Invite Friends & Family

Don't forget to ask your best employees to invite their friends and family to attend the job fair.

Post on Social Media

Post the job fair on your social media pages. Your followers already know a lot about you and like your organization. There could be amazing game staff potential waiting for you there. Additionally they'll continue to spread the word for you. Your website and email newsletter are other great spots to post.

Rally Your Staff

Rally your full staff’s support to have the perfect job fair.

Make It A Party

Open your gates and give applicants an experience. Have music playing so it feels like they are attending an event and some staff greeting everyone and explaining what is going to take place. This will get them excited, hopeful and you'll get better responses when it is time to get to know your applicants. Give everyone a tour of the ballpark including some behind the scenes areas and give some updates on changes for the season.

Divide and Explain

Finally it's time to split everyone up based on the type of job they are interested in interviewing for. This is why you need all hands on deck. It takes your full staff to explain the positions, describe what you are looking for, and ask great questions while keeping the interviews moving.


What makes you laugh?

How do your friends describe you?


Do you like kids?


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Do you have any special talents?


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Working in a baseball stadium is fun, yes? So ask fun questions, make the job interview a fun experience, and hire fun people. Do you want an usher to simply say hello and point out seats or would you like them to clap along to the music? Always give them an opportunity to ask you questions. If you engage people, they will bring more to the table and enhance your ballpark experience. The best-case scenario is for you to find great people and the ones that you don’t hire leave feeling good about their experience and talk about your team. They might also be your first calls if you have turn over in season or specific dates that are hard for you to staff.


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Facebook’s 13th Birthday - 4th

• Post a video using mascots, characters and staff singing Happy Birthday. Film two cuts, so you have one that doesn’t say, "Dear Facebook...", to use other ways.

• This is the perfect time to post your birthday packages on Facebook.

• Celebrate your team/stadium history and post cool pictures from 13 years ago. You could also ask "Friends" to post their stories.

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National Boy Scout Day- February 8th

• Email and/or call every  Boy Scout organization within an hour and wish them a Happy National Boy Scout Day. Those you already work with will feel good. This also gives you a reason to call new troops.

• You probably have at least one boyscout on staff. Pay tribute to them and acknowledge the role boyscouts played in their life.

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Valentines Day - February 14th

• You can make money selling Valentine’s Day deliveries utilizing your mascots and characters.

• You can show some love and deliver special packages to top clients. This is a fun way to thank them for the partnership and get them excited for the upcoming season.

• You could ask your fans to write in what they love about your team. These would be great testimonials for you to have and utilize.

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Random Acts of Kindness Day - February 17th

• Find a partner who has store traffic and a sense of humor. Create a voucher that resembles a parking ticket and place them on their customers' windshields saying thank you for parking here. Please enjoy 2 free tickets to Opening Night.

• Drop off pizzas or bagels at business' located in close proximity to your stadium. Thank them for being a neighbor. They'll remember this when there's traffic around game time and noise from your fireworks.

• Stop in at a happening coffee shop and pay for everyone’s coffee. How quickly can word of mouth spread about your generosity? It's cheaper than running an ad in the newspaper and hoping people talk about you.

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World Bartender Day - February 24

• Send your street team into all of the local bars and restaurants to celebrate their bartenders with something special; a ticket voucher, or a left over giveaway. Bartenders have the ears of your community. Perhaps your item will remain displayed at the bar.

• Your bartenders talk to a lot of people during the season. Invite them to enjoy a Happy Hour at your stadium or a local spot. Ask for input and inform them about new things for 2017.

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How'd it go?

We would love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. Did your fans and staff have fun? Did it make you money? There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas.

I'd Love to Hear from You