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The season is knocking on our doors and while your game entertainment is one of the most anticipated aspects for a Minor League Baseball fan, I understand the time that goes into coming up with ideas and the stress that can go with it. Here are a few helpful hints that will get you started and remember practice makes perfect. Whether you are reading a PA script, performing a dance routine or getting the perfectly framed fan shot for your takes practice. 


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The Top 100 Layup

Go through the Top 100 songs of 2016 and load many of them into your sound system. (Billboard Top 100 Charts). Listen closely to lyrics of course. There could also be an opportunity to steal dance moves from some of these videos.

"Drum Troll Please!"

I’ve Got This Feeling that the movie and soundtrack from “Trolls” will be a ballpark hit this season. Buy the soundtrack or at least download, Justin Timberlake’s “I’ve Got This Feeling”. Next, purchase some Troll wigs. Depending on how bold you are you might consider nude suits and giant jewels for your bellies. You can even add a confetti canon. This could be an infield drag routine, a kids club idea, or a dance cam.


The Game Show Steal

Here are some game show premises that you could easily steal ideas from: Celebrity Name Game, Family Feud and Lip Sync Battle. Lip syncing beats ballpark karaoke! Have song options that contestants can choose from and provide props. Perhaps you have a staff member/ ballpark character that could be the consistent lip sync challenger?


Dance Like You Stole it

Have you checked out the Top funny dance scenes in movies? Screen Rants Funniest Dance Scenes 

Make Your Staff Famous

Consider gathering your mascots, ballpark characters, staff and other well known faces around your ballpark and prerecord “Take me out to the ballgame”. This will be a nice addition to your game script any time you don’t have a live performer.

New Fan Cams

Bandwagon Cam? Meme Cam? (Have them prepared but ask fans to send them to you!)

March is Music in Our Schools Month

Make calls and book anthems, 7th inning stretch, offer pregame performances to Bands and choruses. The students' parents will purchase tickets to come and see them.  Have your mascot be the conductor for additional fun and great photos.


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March 1-7 - National Cheerleading Week

• Call and offer these organizations the opportunity to perform if they purchase a group.

• Look into hosting a cheerleading camp or competition at your ballpark on a non-game day.

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March 3 - National Anthem Day

• Have Anthem tryouts at the ballpark. Great opportunity for ticket and merchandise sales.

• Call prospective groups and offer them the anthem if they book (church choirs, schools)

•Has a National or Local celebrity performed at your ballpark? Post a favorite performance from the past. 

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March 9 - National Name Tag Day

• What is your pirate, princess or superhero name? Have some office fun. Remember fun is good!

• Email me if you are interested in templates for pirate, princess, or superhero names. These are great for in-season kids' events.

Email me and I'll send you the PDF

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March 12 - The Girl Scout's Birthday

• Calls, calls, calls. Happy Girl Scout Day! Perhaps you include a special offer if they book right away.

*Do you have a good relationship with a local troop? Offer your team store or ticket office as a weekend location for cookie sales. They will promote that they are there and their cookies are yummy!

• Any former Girl Scout or Troop Leaders on staff? Tribute them on your website, on social media or in an email newsletter. Fans love to get to know you.

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March 12 - Day Light Savings Begins

• Use Hootsuite or Tweet Deck and put out a reminder across social media so people aren’t late to work, scheduled functions or late to Opening Day coming up in ____ days.

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March 16 - National No Selfies Day

• Have a "Caption Contest" on social media. Post silly "non selfie" pictures. Have fans enter captions. Offer a prize for best/ most popular caption. 

• Post your favorite photos from last season; baseball action, sun setting over the ballpark, crowded stands.  

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March 19 - National Clients Day

• Email a thank you card. 

• Do you plan on inviting clients to Opening day or another client appreciation event? Send the invitation out today.

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March 26 - National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

• Did you know it’s National Mascot day? Run Hard Turn Left Day? Buy One Get One Half Off Day? Mini-Plans are cool day?.... NO? Well, wouldn't it be fun to celebrate a holiday that celebrates your club or something you want to sell? Now is your chance!

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March 30 - National Doctors Day

• Call doctors' offices and provide them a special offer as part of National Doctors Day; first pitch for the doctor, an autographed ball, or a parking pass if they book a group or ticket package. This is yet another reason to make a phone call and you can offer the doctor an experience that really won't cost you anything.

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How'd It Go?

I'd love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. Did your fans and staff have fun? Did it make you money? There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas.

I'd Love to Hear from You