Can we create a business card so valuable, that recipients HAD to keep it in their wallet?


The Spokane Indians asked Brandiose Studios to re-imagine their business cards. After much discussion (specifically over the role of "the business card" in today's culture) we came to a few conclusions:

1. Most people input business card info into their Address Book or Outlook, then trash the card, which feels like a waste.

2. The alternative, "Can I text or email you my contact card?" feels cold and impersonal. Most people want a keepsake, or memento, from the introduction.

So we asked ourselves, "How can we create a business card so valuable, that recipients HAD to keep it in their wallet?" The resulting idea is a plastic business card with a debit card strip.

It's loaded with a few bucks, giving your new contact an incentive to come to your ballpark.
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For your franchise's group and sponsorship staff, it's a great way to provide value by inviting potential clients to experience your venue firsthand.

"Here's my card, and it's pre-loaded with cash. I'd love for you to come out to a game on us. And if you need anything, my cell number is on the card. Please call me at any time." 

The card displays your contact information, so if the contact ever needs anything, you're right there. It's like a VIP card. Plus it can be reloaded, so contacts can lend your business card to their own clients! 

Check to learn more about custom shaped cards with magnetic strips.

You'll find the Business Debit Card will wow your contacts and is guaranteed to have have a permeant slot in local wallets. It's just another way to make your franchise famous.